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The internship is a compulsory element of fulfilling the requirements of the course, its rules are described in the curriculum of the course, where the period and the requirements are also clarified.

Steps of the application

The application form can be found Application form for Internship.

The application form can only be filled in electronically. After filling the form, it needs to be signed by the receiving institute. The form signed by the student as well as by the receiving institute needs to be scanned (in a file, not as a photo) to before starting the internship. The student will be informed in case of rejection and in case of supplying missing documents. In case of rejection the student have to find another place for internship. 

The internship can be started only after submitting the application form.

The company and the faculty need to sign a bilateral agreement which also needs to be sent to If there is an existing contract, it needs to be updated and a supplementary agreement has to be signed as well.

The contract is signed first at the university, then 4 copies of the contract are sent to the company by the study referee. After the company has signed them, two copies will be sent back to the university.

You have two options regarding the internship:

To do the internship any institute or company can be chosen which pursues an activity in relation to that of the university, furthermore, which provides possibility for internship. In case of a faculty internship the student needs to coordinate its content with the head of school.

In case of a faculty internship the form as follows needs to be filled in: „Application for faculty internship”. The form has to be filled electronically. The form will be signed by the head of the department and by the student, the responsible person will be the head of school. Then it has to be sent scanned to prior to starting the internship. 

In case of corresponding students if their job is in relation to the activity of the faculty the certificate of the place of work is acceptable on the „Report” sheet. In case of any other type of work the internship has to be fulfilled according to the rules above. 

Period for internship in case of the MSc computer science course is 6 weeks – 240 hours.

Steps of reporting

The fulfilled internship has to be reported on the „Report” sheet. The sheet can be filled only electronically, then it has to be signed by the receiving institute. The form signed by the students and by the receiving institute has to be scanned and sent to within 30 days at the latest after finishing the internship. 

the study referee checks whether the sheet has been filled properly, then he forwards it to the head of school, who will evaluate the activity of the internship. If the activity is not considered to be acceptable, the head of the school notifies the study referee, who informs the student. After acceptance the fulfilments are registered in Neptun.
students are notified about the rejection and about providing correction as well.

In case of internship spent abroad, please use this form: Application form for Internship and for reporting this one: Reference and Proof of Performance. In case of a foreign company no need to have a bilateral agreement. The bilateral agreement is available only in Hungarian.

According to the faculty regulation scholarship can be granted for the internship. In order to request it students need to submit the form called GYAK in Neptun during the registration week.

You will need these two documents for the internship: