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Call for participation in the PhD training organized by the Doctoral School of Information Science and Technology

Stipendium Hungaricum program admission procedure

Announced PhD topics: PhD topics announced for the first semester of the academic year 2024/2025

Fee: 5500 Euro per 2 semesters

Deadline for application: June 14th, 2024

Submission of the application:

The application has to be submitted

  • by post to the address: Szommerné Kiss Erzsébet, Pannon Egyetem Oktatási Igazgatóság, 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10.
  • Foreign students may submit the scanned documents (after scanning the original signed copy) at the following email address:

Conditions for application:

  • a diploma with university degree in the chosen field of science (informatics, information technology, computer science and related fields)
  • English language skills required by the Doctoral School (see regulations part 3.A.1.)
  • a general knowledge of the chosen field of science and in its literature
  • a general knowledge of scientific methodology

Materials to be submitted together with the application:

  • the application form filled in (typed), you can download it from here.
  • an attested copy of the university diploma with Master degree or equivalent degree (if it is submitted personally, the PhD administrators attest it on showing the original document)
  • the attested copy of the registration book for the whole period of the university studies (if it is submitted personally, the PhD administrators attest it on showing the original document)
  • an attested copy of the certificate of language knowledge (if it is submitted personally, the PhD administrators attest it on showing the original document), if you have any
  • acceptance letter from the future supervisor
  • professional curriculum vitae, list of publications, attached copies of publications or documents proving other professional activities
  • at least one report about the applicant’s work (from the supervisor of the degree thesis or from the supervisor of the Students’ Scientific Circle or from the director of workplace)
  • a declaration letter from the director of the applicant’s workplace supporting the applicant’s PhD training (if the applicant is employed)
  • a declaration of the director of the hosting research place stating that the infrastructure is provided
  • a declaration whether the applicant has applied for any other doctoral school or not or whether he is a student or candidate of another doctoral school or not
  • certificate of good character (in case of applicant from foreign country this document is enough to submit only after the admission for being officially PhD student)
  • 9000 HUF application fee
  • a certificate of the bank transfer of the application fee

(The application fee should be transferred to the account of the University of Pannonia with account number 10300002-10802153-00014904 with the comment "PhD felvételi díj/name/ITDI - E013300027")

If the diploma with university degree is from abroad (excepting english, german, spanish, french and russian language), the attested copy and translation of the university diploma should also be attached together with the decision about the acknowledgement of the degree level.

Oral interview:

For the interview the applicant has to select a PhD topic from the announced topics (see above) and get into contact with the selected supervisor in email. The date of the oral interview with the supervisor - which can be done via Skype - has to be taken part till 14th June 2024.
After the applicant has the recommendation from the supervisor (based on the interview), the application has to be submitted in the way described above.

The date of the final oral interview which is held by the doctoral school can be supposed to be between 25-30 June 2024.

Pointing guide of the PhD admission process can be found here

Guidelines for the applications’ judgement:

  • qualification of the university diploma with Master degree or equivalent degree
  • more language knowledge than the minimal conditions
  • professional activity (publication activity, Students’ Scientific Circle work)
  • professional competence shown at the interview

Decision about the admission: The expected date is 22nd July 2024.

More information: For more information ask Tibor Dulai at the address