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How to apply for the MSc thesis course in 2023/24 autumn semester

We are using the new topic software in announcing the thesis topics for the 2023/24 autumn semester. You can find it on

The steps of applying for a topic are as follow:

  1. The topics will be available from 5th June 2023.
  2. Students need to choose from the topics related to their programme
  3. Students need to contact the lecturer announcing the topic. If the lecturer agrees on the supervision, the students provides his/her Neptun code, programme. It is important to provide correct data.
  4. The lecturer register the data of the student. After doing it, this students cannot be registered to another topic. (it means one student, one topic relation)
  5. If a student wants to elaborate his/her topic, she/he must find a supervisor. After agreeing the supervisor will register the student to the topic.
  6. The deadline for applying and being registered for a topic is 31st June 2023.

Those students need to choose a topic who will start preparing the two-year process of preparing the thesis in the autumn semester. In other words who will finish the course called Thesis in the autumn semester. 
If a student cannot find a topic or a supervisor, he/she needs to contact the head of the programme. 
Only those students will be permitted to start preparing the Thesis in the autumn semester who have a topic and have been registered for that topic in the thesis software. 

So please, start the process as soon as possible.