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Information regarding the MSC thesis and the project laboratory

In this chapter you will find information about how to register for courses regarding the MSc thesis and that of the project laboratory the autumn semester of the 2018-2019 semester.




  1. The conditions and requirements of fulfilling project laboratory, diploma work will be announced in Neptun. If any of the subjects requires written report, you need to upload the report into the Moodle.

  2.  In case of Project Laboratory the first task is to find a supervisor and to create a group. The groups are made up of 3 students typically, but in a reasonable case the supervisor can decide otherwise (min: 2, maximum 4 students). The available topics can be reached on the link as follows: Project Laboratory. The deadline of choosing a topic and creating a group is 15th September 2018 (Saturday).

  3. Independent project laboratory is not announced in this semester

  4. In order to be able to register for the subjects; Engineering design, Engineering design I and diplomalabor (diploma laboratory) students need to choose a topic for the diploma work. Students can register for the topics announced in the following semester in Neptun. The topics have been available since 19th June 2018, the deadline for registering is 8th September 2018 (Saturday).

  5. In case of the diploma work students need to notify his/her supervisor till 11th September 2018 that he/she would like to continue the topic already started.

guidelines for applying for the thesis in Neptun

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