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The process of preparing the thesis and of the final exam


Sending the topics

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Arranging the reports

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Applying for the final exam

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Uploading of the thesis

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Checking plagism

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Sending of the reviews

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Participaeting at the final exam

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Final exam

1. Deadline for sending the task descriptions: 28th March 2024

The final description of task will need to be finalised until 28th March.

2. Deadline for the presentations: 19th April 2024

The schedule and the date of the presetations will be posted.

3. Registration for the final exam: from 8 am 15th April till 10 pm 6th May
Withdraw the registration: from 8 am 7th May till 10 pm 21st May

The registration needs to be done in Neptun similarly to that of any exam under the menu Final Exam. You will need to choose subjects from the group of compulsory subjects and subjects from the other group of subjects as well. The application can be withdrawn within a certain period. Those students also need to apply for the final exam who failed at the final exam as well as those who have completed all the courses.

4. Submitting the thesis: until 12 am 7th May 2024

The deadline for submitting the thesis is 12 am 7th May 2024. The thesis needs to be uploaded onto Moodle electronically.

5. Checking plagiarism: until 21st May 2024, Tuesday

If the thesis passes the process of plagiarism its status will change into accepted. In case suspicion of any plagiarism occurs, the supervisor, the head of the programme as well as the head of department will be informed.
In case of plagiarism, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated.

6. Deadline for submitting the reviews: 28th May 2024, Tuesday

The reviewers will be requested by the educational units, they will also send the theses to them. The supervisors as well as the educational units care about sending the signed reviews to (submitting hardcopies is not possible).

How to submit your thesis

The final thesis can only be uploaded in PDF/A format. Furthermore, the original file of the thesis has to be also uploaded either in .docx (MS Word), odt (LibreOffice) or in .tex (TEX) format. The supplements of the thesis (e.g software, web sources) have to be uploaded as a ZIP file. Altogether 3 files will be uploaded. 
The title of the thesis and of its supplements need to have the format as follows:

  • 2324_2_YOURNAME_NEPTUNcode_Thesis_VP. pdf
  • 2324_2_YOURNAME_NEPTUNcode_Thesis_VP. docx

All the files have to be uploaded onto Moodle.

Miscellaneous information
The final version in PDF/A must contain:

  • description of the task
  • declaration of the supervisor
  • declaration of the student

Should you have any problem please, write an e-mail to

Date of final exam in Veszprém

The final exam for MSc Computer Science students is scheduled on 14th June 2024.

The schedule can be dowloaded here. (Updated: 13th June 2024)

The results will be announced at 13:00 at 726.

Information about the schedule of the final exam

The students have about 10 minutes for preparation for each subject.
The students have to elaborate the question on paper, then the oral part will be continued with the examiner at the board.
Only pens are allowed to be taken into the classroom!

Thesis presentation

The exact time of the presentation.
There will be a projector as well as a laptop in each classroom. At 10:40 (20 minutes before the starting time) everybody has the opportunity to upload and to prepare the presentation in room I1.
each student has 15 for the presentation (⁓8-10 minutes for presenting the thesis, then answering the questions)
everybody has to listen to the sessions (except those who have final exam on the same day, but they also need to do the upload before the sessions)

Further notes:

Either the lists for the exam nor that of the presentation are final, changes may occur even on the last days, if somebody cannot fulfil any conditions in time. We kindly ask all of you to appear 15 minutes prior to the starting time in order to avoid expectancy in case somebody drops out.

Guide to using thesis templates:
Word template 
LaTeX template 
Computer Science Engineering MSc final exam topics
Computer Science Engineering MSc final exam list of topics