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Process of the preparation of the thesis and its deadlines for those who will graduate in the spring semester of 2022/2023

final exam informations

Planned dates of final exams in Veszprém
MSc Computer Science students: 12-16th June 2023.

Information about the schedule of the final exam
The students have about 10 minutes for preparation for each subject.
The students have to elaborate the question on paper, then the oral part will be continued with the examiner at the board.
Only pens are allowed to be taken into the classroom!

Thesis presentation

The exact time of the presentation.
There will be a projector as well as a laptop in each classroom. At 12:30 (30 minutes before the starting time) everybody has the opportunity to upload and to prepare the presentation in room 726.
each student has 15 for the presentation (⁓8-10 minutes for presenting the thesis, then answering the questions)
everybody has to listen to the sessions (except those who have final exam on the same day, but they also need to do the upload before the sessions)

Further notes:

Either the lists for the exam nor that of the presentation are final, changes may occur even on the last days, if somebody cannot fulfil any conditions in time. We kindly ask all of you to appear 15 minutes prior to the starting time in order to avoid expectancy in case somebody drops out.

Guide to using thesis templates:
Word template 
LaTeX template 
Computer Science Engineering MSc final exam topics
Computer Science Engineering MSc final exam list of topics