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In the academic year 2023/2024 Faculty of Information Technology celebrates its 20th anniversary within the framework of which we are announcing a series of events throughout the whole year.

Programs are constantly updated.

We wish everyone a pleasant time!

Drink of the faculty - 8th November 2023

The best coctails will be available at our faculty events (fresmen's eve, programme's party).

We are waiting for teams of 1-3 people to apply using the QR code below until October 24. After selecting the best coctails, the final will take place on 8th November 2024 in Geszti Pub, where the best applicants will present their coctail in front of a professional jury and audience.

All the students of University of Pannonia are cordially invited to the event!

Our life at the faculty

We would like to present the life at our faculty. We are waiting for videos made by students. We will reward the best ones with a monetary reward:

  • I. prize: 100.000 HUF
  • II. prize: 75.000 HUF
  • III. prize: 50.000 HUF

The lenght of the video should be between 1 and 5 minutes, its topic must be related to our faculty.

Deadline is 20th January midnight 2024.

Individual and team applications are acceptable, in case of a team, at least one member must belong to the Faculty of Information Technology. T he fees are subject to prizes, not per person. The submitted works will be judged together, there are no separate individual and team categories.

The videos must be uploaded into a shared drive. Access to the drive can be requested by e-mail at by entering your name name, Neptune code and Life at MIK at the subject part.