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Intensive incubation program

Join the 3 month intensive incubation program and launch your startup journey!

EUMaster4HPC : Call for applications for the next generation of European experts in supercomputing

Students can now apply to EUMaster4HPC, the first pan-European Master programme in High Performance Computing (HPC).Through online and on-site courses, leading European specialists in HPC are training the next generation of supercomputing experts.

Advanced Nonlinear Control Methods: Theory and applications (PhD Course)

The aim of this condensed 4-day PhD course is to introduce basic notions in nonlinear systems and control to interested students.

Optimization and Algorithms conference

This is a hybrid conference, with free-of-charge registration for all participants, for online & in-person attendance as well.

Succesful viva of Amr Nagy Abdo

Amr Mohamed Abdelhameed Nagy Abdo’s viva took place on 7th December 2022. The title of his presentation is „Recognition of Objects and Their Defects”.

The Center focuses on the integration of current and future information security problems with the physical, logical and human aspects of security questions. It also offers possible solutions by developing process- and device-centric methodologies and technologies. The aim of the center is to develop pragmatic methodologies and solutions which are able to analyze and mitigate dangers and risks related to IT security. Its competitiveness lies in the sound theoretical background which renders it suitable for analyzing and planning complex systems as a unit. The research activity has also led to the creation of the methodological background of the risk assessment for security systems. The research results have led on the one hand to carrying out the prevention of losses as a result of faulty IT user systems and IT security, on the other had to minimizing these losses by creating security solutions and backup tools.

Contact: Dr. Zoltán Süle, Associate Professor (email:

Main project:

  • Developing the prototype of distributed data collecting, real-time log analyzing and automatized warning systems to guarantee confidentiality.