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Activities of the research laboratory

The aim of the research laboratory is to develop methods and procedures for the optimal integration of renewable energy sources into the grid, the optimal operation of electric generators and automotive batteries using the tools of nonlinear systems and control theory. One area of research within the topic is energy-optimal scheduling of household and industrial refrigeration equipment using model predictive control algorithms. Other research objectives include the optimal operation and estimation of aging of electrical energy storage devices (batteries), the energy-efficient operation of solar cells, and the examining portfolio optimization issues.

equipments used in our laboratory (video):


Members of the research laboratory

  • Dr. Bálint Roland, adjunct professor 
  • Dr. Fodor Attila, associate professor
  • Dr. Göllei Attila, associate professor
  • Dr. Görbe Péter, assistant professor
  • Neukirchner László Richárd, doctoral candidate
  • Balázs István Gusztáv, PhD student
  • Károlyi György, PhD student
  • Greber Márton, PhD student

Currently active PhD topics of the research laboratory

  • Balázs István Gusztáv: Optimal design and operation of electrical power systems. Supervisors: Dr. Fodor Attila és Dr. Magyar Attila
  • Károlyi György: Analysis and optimal operation of electrical energy systems. Supervisor: Dr. Magyar Attila
  • Greber Márton: Analysis and optimal operation of complex nonlinear energy networks. Supervisors: Dr. Fodor Attila és Dr. Magyar Attila

Major publications related to the research laboratory from recent years

  • Károlyi, György; Göllei, Attila; Magyar, Attila, Deep Learning Based RUL Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries, In Proc: Neven, Duic Proceedings of the 4th SDEWES SEE conference: Sustainable Development of Energy Water and Environment Systems, South and Eastern Europe (2020) pp. 1-10.
  • Richárd Neukirchner, László; Magyar, Attila; Fodor, Attila; Dénes Kutasi, Nimród; Kelemen, András, Constrained Predictive Control of Three-PhaseBuck Rectifiers, In: ACTA POLYTECHNICA HUNGARICA 17: 1 pp. 41-60., 20 p. (2020)
  • Bálint, Roland; Fodor, Attila; Magyar, Attila, Model-based Power Generation Estimation of Solar Panels using Weather Forecast for Microgrid Application, In: ACTA POLYTECHNICA HUNGARICA 16: 7 pp. 149-165., 17 p. (2019)
  • Pózna, A I; Hangos, K M; Magyar, A, Temperature Dependent Parameter Estimation of Electrical Vehicle Batteries, In: ENERGIES 12: 19 Paper: 3755, 17 p. (2019)
  • Bálint R., Fodor A., Hangos K.M., Magyar A., Cost-optimal model predictive scheduling of freezers, CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE 80: pp. 61-69. (2018)
  • Neukirchner L., Görbe P., Magyar A., Voltage unbalance reduction in the domestic distribution area using asymmetric inverters, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION (ISSN: 0959-6526) 142, Part 4: pp. 1710-1720. (2017)
  • Göllei A., Görbe P., Magyar A., Measurement based modeling and simulation of hydrogen generation cell in complex domestic renewable energy systems, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 111, Part A: pp. 17-24. (2016)
  • Fodor, A., Magyar, A., Hangos, K.M., Multiple-Input–Multiple-Output Linear-Quadratic Control of the Energy Production of a Synchronous Generator in a Nuclear Power Plant, ELECTRIC POWER COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS 42: (15) pp. 1673-1682. (2014)
  • Görbe P., Fodor A., Magyar A., Hangos K.M., Experimental study of the nonlinear distortion caused by domestic power plants, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 70:(2) pp. 1288-1293. (2014)

Major ongoing and past projects related to the activities of the research laboratory

  • TÁMOP 4.2.2.A-11/1/KONV – 2012-0072) Design and optimization of modernization and more efficient operation of energy supply and utilization systems using renewable energy sources and infocommunication technologies, Design and energy-optimal operation of smart local grids (including solar panels, wind, etc.) and energy storage alprojekt (2012.11.01. - 2015. 02.28.)
  • GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00038 Development of SMARTCity and SMARTVillage technologies and services at SAGEMCom in university collaboration
  • NKFI - SNN 120422: Investigation of the temperature dependence of electrochemical systems based on measurements (2016.09.01. - 2019.08.31.)
  • NKFI – K151501: Analysis and optimization of complex technological systems with energy applications (2019.12.01. - 2023.11.31.)