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responsible instructor: Ferenc Bari DSc, István Vassányi PhD



Control theories behind the maintenance of internal environment of the human body (isovolume, isoionia, isohydridria and isothermia). 

Basic relationships between bioelectric sources of the human body and the calculation of the fields in the volume conductor. 

Brief anatomy and electrophysiology of the heart and brain. 

Basic features and electrical modelling of the circulatory and respiratory systems.  

Cellular model of skeletal muscles and their innervation, the so-called electromechanical coupling. 

Organ level surrogates, experimental methods of validation, body surface and intramural electrodes. Modelling of sources, in terms of the external field, Calculation of body surface electric fields by finite element and "boundary element" methods in homogeneous and inhomogeneous volume conductors. 


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