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Lecturer: Dr Zoltán Juhász, associate professor

The goal of this course is to provide an in-depth overview of the architecture, programming and applications of modern GPU systems, and explore the advanced programming methods that can be used for creating high-performance scientific algorithm implementations.

The main topics of the course are the followings:

  • the GPU architecture
  • the CUDA programming model
  • development of parallel kernels
  • programming cooperative threads
  • the CUDA memory model
  • the pipeline execution model and GPU streams
  • performance analysis and optimisation methods
  • the Roofline performance model
  • multi-GPU systems and their programming
  • using parallel CUDA GPU libraries
  • using OpenMP and OpenACC for generating parallel GPU code
  • literature review of the use of GPUs in a selected scientific computing area
  • case studies from mathematics
  • hands-on case studies and practical work in EEG signal processing algorithms and processing pipelines.


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