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Lecturers: Hangos Katalin professor emerita, Magyar Attila professor


The subject assumes knowledge of the following subjects and builds on them:

Discrete and continuous systems 



Students acquire knowledge related to the following topics, taking into account their individual training plan and interests:


T1. Basic notions of discrete event systems 

concept and description methods of discrete event systems (automaton, Petri net), equivalence of automaton and Petri net models, solution of models of discrete event systems (simulation)


T2. Petri nets

ordinary, timed and colored Petri nets, Petri nets as discrete event systems, behavioral and structural properties of Petri nets (reachability, dead ends, infinity, boundedness, invariants), control and diagnostic applications of Petri nets


T3. Hybrid systems

concept of hybrid systems, methods of description, solution of models and examination of their properties 


The evaluation is based on the development of an individual project task related to the above topics. 



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