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Responsible: Csilla Bujtás


  • Linear Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Theory of digital computation
  • Combinatorial methods and algorithms

Areas covered:

  • Interval systems and hypertrees. Helly-property for intervals and subtrees of a tree, optimization algorithms (covering and packing).
  • Classical vertex coloring of hypergraphs. Necessary and sufficient conditions for 2-colorability, application of the Lovász Local Lemma. Algorithmic aspects of the corresponding decision problem.
  • Mixed hypergraph coloring, estimations on the lower and upper chromatic numbers, chromatic spectrum. Coloring of mixed hypertrees. Color-bounded hypergraphs.
  • Transversals and independent vertex sets in uniform hypergraphs, bounds on the transversal number, approximability, Ryser’s conjecture.
  • Dominating sets in graphs as transversals in hypergraphs. Dominating vertex sets in hypergraphs.
  • Decompositions, Steiner systems. 1-factorization of hypergraphs, Baranyai’s theorem.
  • Intersecting set systems, Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem, maximum size of a Sperner system.


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