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Responsible: Zsolt Tuza


  • Algebra and discrete mathematics
  • Theory of digital computation
  • Combinatorial methods and algorithms
  • Linear programming

Areas covered:

  • Types of graph coloring, corresponding parameters, basic inequalities, classical upper bounds, constructions;
  • Relation to vertex degrees, independence number; chromatic polynomial; compactness principle for infinite graphs;
  • Algorithmic complexity of coloring problems, approximability, reductions between different types of coloring;
  • Methods applying orientations, algorithms and graph polynomials;
  • Some important classes of perfect graphs, Perfekt Graph Theorem, blow-up lemma, characterizations; extendability of colorings in subclasses of perfect graphs;
  • Colorings of planar graphs, algorithms; unit-distance colorings of the plane;
  • Fractional colorings, multiple colorings, choice ratio.


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