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Responsible lecturer: Tibor Csendes, university professor (

Assumed preliminary studies:
Linear and Nonlinear Programming


  1. Different forms of global optimization problems, computational complexity, computational complexity relative to the complexity of linear programming.
  2. Problem transformation, transformation to single variable problem
  3. Classification of global optimization problems, classification according to the information applied.
  4. Grid search, random search, dependency on the dimensions of the problem, simulated annealing, genetic, evolutionary, and neural network based methods, their theoretical background.
  5. Stochastic and multistart methods for global optimization, their speeds of convergences and stopping conditions.
  6. Known Lipschitz constant based methods, convergence theorem, single and multi dimensional algorithms.
  7. DC functions, their properties and applications in solving global optimization problems.
  8. Effective solutions for special structure (concave, bilinear, etc.) problems, outer approximation and cut methods.
  9. Interval arithmetic, interval division methods, acceleration tool, interval Newton method, speed of convergence.
  10. Patological problems, symbolic manipulation for global optimization, practical applications, case studies

Required* and proposed literature

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