megaphone 3272935 960 720Dear Students,

Based on the rector and chancellor’s joint decree issued on 11th March the education will continue from 23rd March but with altered conditions. The forms of education as well as of the testing will be different from the previous routine.

As students are not allowed to enter the premises of the university remote education will take place from 23rd March 2020.

Please read some important instructions below: 

  • The means of testing will be announced later.
  • In case of the courses the lecturers will give evident instructions about the tasks and about how to proceed. If the instructions are followed according to the schedule it is likely that the subject will be fulfilled.
  • All the essential information will be sent to the students via Neptun.
  • We are planning to provide teaching materials continuously with explaining audio. These material and all the information regarding them will be uploaded onto the Moodle.
  • Online consultations as well as online lectures will be also available. The necessary technical background is being tested.
  • Notices of the thesis, project laboratory, independent project laboratory which require equipment may be changed if justified so that the subject can be fulfilled successfully.

The faculty, all our colleagues do their best to be able to provide maximum support so that students can accomplish the courses.

I would like to draw your attention that this extraordinary situation requires you to carry out extra fulfilment and enormous discipline: the emphasis has been drawn to self-study. it is extremely important to follow the instruction of the lecturers and to process the material with the advised schedule. Furthermore, keep the deadlines, please.

It is our common interest to be able to close the semester and as many as possible students can fulfil the courses.

Information will be updated regularly!

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