What others think of us?

directory 1274229 960 720Here you can read about The Faculty of Information Technology, throw the eyes of one of our foreign students from Syria! 

He has been here almost for one month and a half in Veszprém. He wrote us about his experience in this magnificent city.

"Despite the fact that most people consider it as a small calm town and not much crowded. But, it is indeed full of energetic activities and has a beautiful nature. Coupled with the friendly atmosphere and great people. It is a great opportunity to study here and get the required education that will weapon you with a knowledge that will lead to a great career in the future. The University of Pannonia has so many programs and a wide variety of fields from chemistry to IT passing through humanity and economic sciences. As far as I have been in touch with the academic staff and the administrative staff, they are both so much helpful. They are ready to give you a hand as much as you are in need. If you think of having a good knowledge, nice atmosphere and enjoying your time think about the University of Pannonia. Good luck!"

Fadi Hakema Abou Fakher (Computer Science Engineer, MSc) our foreign student from Syria 

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