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MOL Group in co-operation with the University of Pannonia, Faculty of Information Technology offers candidates the possibility to acquire sound knowledge of professional, market leading software and experience complex operations right inside the oil industry.

klemes award

Dr. Jirí Klemes, professor of Faculty of Information Technology and co-authors received recognition for "top cited papers for 2011 and 2012" from Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy.

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Interview with Shahram Shafie, Chief Technology Officer for Green Source Holdings, who says even human resource management can use p-graph.

The Kansas State University professor visited  a P-graph conference by Faculty of Advance Technologies in Veszprem, Hungary.


Heriberto Cabezas, associate professor of our faculty and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), presented approaches for analysis of complex systems such as the energy-water-food nexus at the AIChE's World Café during the Annual Meeting. He sat down with ChEnected to discuss some of the basic concepts.

"There isn’t a universal solution that works everywhere; we have to tailor solutions to be as specific as possible." For more information on the topic check out the video below.


20141030 190001Prof. János Schanda and his colleagues at Virtual Environments and Imaging Technologies Research Laboratory take part in the EU-funded project for new lighting of Sistine Chapel in Vatican.

The Sistine Chapel is now illuminated by a novel lighting solution with more than 7,000 LEDs enabling high quality, realistic appearance of the frescos. The role of the Virtual Environment and Imaging Technologies Research Laboratory was to determine the LED spectral power distribution in order to

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