World-class Smart and Inclusive Health Information and Decision Support System

Working with GE as consortium leader, the main target of the project is to research the feasibility of implementation and the usable architecture of a medical information management and decision support system, handling all information of patients and health institutions, which provides higher effectiveness in medical treatment (covering the whole healthcare chain, including sectorial decision-makers, leading medical doctors and other health workers) and, moreover, it ensures a more cost-effective operation and possibility of more active participation of the patients.

Colleagues of the Faculty of Information Technology are working on new and innovative data storing technology suitable for storing, accessing and retrieving medical information, researching optimization of modern data transfer and compression techniques of medical images as well, as researching of displaying visual and non-visual data on mobile devices, with focus on optimal visualization of the different colors. In addition, the laboratory works on special data analysis, involving medical specialists, for optimizing of medical workflows by analyzing the accumulated data of different medical sciences.

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