National Coordinating Center for Infocommunication

The Center was created within the framework of the future potential of IT-based technologies and services, as well as of an EU project based on research in the field of IT technologies of logistics systems. Its main mission is to equip the national professional and scientific community with cutting edge infocommunication technologies, as well as to unify social network knowledge and creativity. Another major task of the center is the creation of a theoretical and trust-based background necessary for the introduction of modern infocommunication technologies that lead to way to new business models, which can be realized in industrial projects together with the main actors of the market. The long-term research activity goal is to enhance the competitiveness of national SMEs and enterprises in underprivileged regions.  

Head of the Center: Dr. Botond Bertók, Associate Professor (e-mail: ) BB

Related project:

  • TÁMOP-4.2.2.C-11/1/KONV-2012-0004 registration number project entitled: “National research center for development and market introduction of advanced information and communication technologies”.

Homepage of the Center:

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