Supply Chain Management R&D Center

The Center was founded to develop professional IT solutions related to logistic systems, based on the P-graph and S-graph methodologies which properly support the planning and operating of optimal industrial and business processes. Several R&D agreements have been born from the cooperation between the Faculty and national and international leading companies to develop and teach logistic decision making systems and their theoretical basis. The R&D contracts have resulted in the development of optimization methods and software for specific vehicle, personnel, financial allocations achieving substantial savings. Efficiency analyses have been performed related to new manufacturing technologies and to modern logistics ID systems. Simulation, monitoring and controlling systems have been design tailored to individual needs.

Contact: Dr. István Heckl, Associate Professor (e-mail: ) heckl

Major Projects:

  • MOL ProdSim (Product Simulation) development
  • Discrete Demand Management (DDM) system development
  • Online optimization involving asset security requirements project

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