Supply Chain Management R&D Center

Leader:  István HECKL, PhD, associate professor (e-mail: )

The research and development connecting to the solutions of Supply Chain Management started at the faculty in 2004. It is based on the internationally recognized P-graph and S-graph methodology which are used for the design and operation of industrial and business processes. The first major result was the VBKTO project which aimed the online optimization of asset transportation taking into account security concerns. The project was implemented between 2004 and 2007 involving the faculty, the Ministry of Defense, and the University of Szeged. From that time numerous R&D cooperation was born between the leadership of the faculty and Hungarian or foreign enterprises to research and implement decision support in logistics. The most prominent is the strategic cooperation between the faculty and the MOL. One of the result of this cooperation is the joint international training called Supply chain optimization in petroleum industry.

The efficiency of the logistic systems can be increased with the use of advanced IT technologies, such as, design, optimization, simulation, and tracking systems. The best way to increase efficiency is the application of some optimization technique. The application of simulation and tracking systems ensures that the initial plans can be verified and the advantage gained at optimization is not wasted during the practical implementation.

Various optimization methods and solutions are developed for vehicle routing problem, crew and vehicle assignment problem, resource allocation problem. Efficiency analysis was carried out for new manufacturing technologies and for advanced logistic identifying systems. Simulation and tracking systems were developed based on unique requirements.

R+D activities

  • development of simulation framework for the validation of medium term plans

  • new methodology for the design, optimization, and decision support for logistic systems

  • development of advanced solution for the tracking and control of logistic assets

Application areas

  • optimization of supply chain

  • optimization of manufacturing process

  • economic analysis of new technologies

  • optimization of the vehicle routing problem

  • vehicle and crew assignment

  • development of tracking and simulation systems

Industrial partners

  • IBM Hungary

  • Telenor Hungary

  • MOL Plc.

Major projects


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