IBM Software Technical Exploration Center

Following several years of joint research and cooperation between the IBM and the Faculty, the IBM research center was founded in 2010. The Center, which provides the environment necessary for implementing the joint projects, carries out basic research related to developing new applications and functions of their world leading software products. Major areas of the cooperation are system optimization and examination of cloud-based computing architectures. The application of system optimization covers a large field including production, logistic and business processes. The optimization and cloud-based architectures constitute the building blocks of the intelligent cities of the near future. The modeling knowledge necessary for the intelligent city projects run by the IBM are provided by the Faculty.

Head of the Center: Dr. Botond Bertók, Associate Professor (e-mail: )BB

Major Projects:

  • Creating cloud-based intelligent IT services in joint cooperation between IBM Hungary and the University of Pannonia
  • Creating the methodology and pilot application of operation processes in self-governments, further developing IT systems with the introduction of cloud-based technologies
  • Setting up cloud-based intelligent IT services.

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