Week doctoral school administration students' to do supervisors' to do teachers' to do
registration week closing of the previous semester enrollment    
    assigning the subjects for registering    
1st week announcement of the subjects (continous till the exam period) registering for subjects (continous till the end of the exam period)    
  information about the semester    
2nd week request for the timing of the subjects consulting the lecturers assigning the time of the consultations assigning the time of the subjects
7th week call for new topics    
8th week call for registering for the complex exam registering for the compley exam  
9th week decision about the new topics, announcing the new topics on   submitting the new topics submitting the new topics
12th week call for submiiting the semester reports and the students' opinion      
  decision about the complex exam committee, requesting the members, informing the students      
  requesting the PhD report committee      
1st week of the exam period verification of the date of the complex exam      
2nd week of the exam period   submitting the semester report submitting the students' opinion  
3rd week of the exam period preparing the PhD report, compiling the materials for the committe complex exam complex eaxm  
  requesting the PhD entrance exam committee      
4th (last) week of the exam period PhD report PhD report PhD report  
the project is supported
hungarys renewal
szechenyi plan
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