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november 20-án (kedden) 12 órakor

tanszéki szemináriumot tart


Control of Interconnected Chemical Reaction Networks



Előadó: Dr. Márton Lőrinc (Sapientia Erdélyi Magyar Tudományegyetem)


A szeminárium helye: I épület, IV. emelet, 416. terem


A control approach is presented for a class of Chemical Reaction Networks (CRNs) that are interconnected through a delayed convection network. First, a control-oriented model is proposed for interconnected CRNs. Second, based on this model, a distributed control method is introduced which assures that each CRN can be driven into a desired fixed point (setpoint) independently of the delay in the convection network. The proposed algorithm is also augmented with a disturbance attenuation term to compensate the effect of unknown input disturbances on setpoint tracking performance. The control design applies the theory of passive systems and methods developed for multi-agent systems. Simulation results are provided to show the applicability of the proposed control method.


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