PhD admission pointing - guide

I. Points taken (up to 50 points)
   1. Degree (up to 18 points)

        Depending on qualification:

             excellent (5)     12 points
             good (4)           8 points
             lower               0 point

       Second MSc degree: +50%

       (for excellent qualification additional points can be given)

    2. Language (up to 7 points)

       Above the fundamentally expected one intermediate language exam:

       intermediate language exam from other language:  4 points

       advanced language exam from other language: 7 points

       In the case of advanced language exam from the language which was selected for taking the required intermediate language exam: 3 points


  • each language is taken into account only once - the highest level
  • only languages other than the candidate's mother language are taken into account
3. Scientific activity (up to 25 points)

     OTDK I. place: 15 points

     OTDK II. pr lower place: 12 points

     (points are not given for only OTDK participation)

     ITDK I. place:  5 points

     ITDK II. or lower place:   3 points

     (ITDK participation or praise is not enough for getting points)

     Publication on an international conference:   2-5 ponts (the committee decides the exact value)

     Publication in a proofreaded journal:   up to 15 points (the committee decides the exact value)

     Note: in case of other competitions the Committee decides individually what points to give 


II. Points received during the interview (up to 50 points)

   The Admissions Committee evaluates candidates according to the following criteria:

      - spoken English proficiency

      - general professional knowledge

      - professional discussion

      - knowledge of the topic chosen

      - the candidate's previous results

      - previous results of the candidate in the chosen topic (together with the supervisor)

      - the motivation of the candidate

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