Amr Mohamed Abdelhameed Nagy Abdo’s departmental discussion took place on 16th June 2022. The title of his thesis is „Recognition of Objects and Their Defects”. His supervisor is Dr. László Czúni.




Amr presented his research work successfully.

We are expressing our congratulation on his success!

Some of our students participated in a scientific trip in Vienna within the János Neumann Talent Program between 2nd and 3rd June.  The students visited the Austrian Institute of Technology, where the projects and the research fields of the Vision, Automation & Control Research Centre were presented. The next program was to visit the Technical Museum’s Artificial Intelligence temporary exhibition.


vienna trip2

The program was carried out by a project supported by the Ministry of Human Resources

Several researchers from the University of Pannonia have received prestigious recognition.
Since 2014, has been building a credible ranking of top researchers in a particular research field. The current results are also based on the already used methodology - taking into account the h-index of the discipline, the proportion of contributions within the given discipline and the number of awards and honors.
The Faculty of Information Technology provided outstanding scientific achievements in the field of informatics and mathematics.
One of our researcher, Dr. Zsolt Tuza ranks 4th in the national ranking in the field of informatics:
If we consider the field of mathematics, then Zsolt Tuza is 6th in the national ranking:
In terms of the Hungarian institutional ranking, the University of Pannonia ranks 3rd in the field of informatics.
In the field of mathematics, our university also ranks 3rd on the podium.

zeyuOne of our Stipendium Hungaricum PhD students, Zeyu Wang delivered a lecture to primary school students about his experiences about the daily life and about the educational system in China in Irinyi János Primary School, in Balatonfűzfő on 18th May 2022. The students were very enthusiastic and Zeyu will return back next week to the school.

The 2022 spring KTDK (Scientific Student Conference of the Faculty) was held on 4 May at the Faculty of Information Technology. Students have introduced the results of their scientific work in 14 presentations, in topics such as analysing pairwise comparative methods for comparing European Football Leagues, quality assurance of solar panels, optical measurement applications in robotics, AI-based real time seating allocation, analysing and preventing ransomware or website defacement attacks, supporting children with diabetes or difficulties with fine motor skills.

The received awards can be found at the TDK website (

Sincere congratulations for the students as well as for  their supervisors!TDK kep

Dr. Lajos Tímár (retired lecturer at Department of Mathematics) was awarded Pro Urbe Award by the Veszprém Awarding Board on 11st March.

  We are expressing our warm congratulations!timar pro urbe

istockphoto 859250372 612x612

Andreas Windisch

Know-Center GmbH, Inffeldgasse 13, 8010 Graz, Austria 

University of Technology Graz, Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science, Inffeldgasse 13, 8010 Graz, Austria 

Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Physics, MO 63130, USA 

RL Community, AI AUSTRIA, Wollzeile 24/12, 1010 Vienna, Austria 

  1. március 7. (hétfő) 900 - 1130 órakor

I1-es teremben

What is quantum computing anyway?

címmel előadást tart

Quantum computing is an exciting field that is gaining more and more attention, as small (and noisy) quantum devices become increasingly available for mostly educational and academic purposes. Not only scientists, engineers or technological- and industry leaders should have a basic understanding of the concepts behind quantum computing, but everybody should have at least a vague idea of the theoretical concepts and potential future applications of quantum computing. This talk focuses mainly on the fundamental principles behind this fascinating technological development. The basic concepts are introduced in an approachable way, and no prior knowledge of mathematics, physics or computer science is expected. The talk is an attempt to motivate the ideas of quantum computing and should encourage everybody to ask questions and engage in a discussion while the concepts are being introduced.

Az előadásra minden érdeklődőt szeretettel várunk!

                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Hartung Ferenc   

egyetemi tanár, tanszékvezető

The viva of Márton Frits took place on 5th January 2022. The title of his presentation was Development of Algorithms and Decision Support Systems for Optimal Resource Scheduling of Production Processes and Field Service Operations by Process Synthesis”. His supervisors were Dr. Botond Bertók, Dr. Csaba Fábián.


  The result of the presentation is summa cum laude

We are expressing our congratulation on his success!

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