Succesful viva of Amr Nagy Abdo

Amr Mohamed Abdelhameed Nagy Abdo’s viva took place on 7th December 2022. The title of his presentation is „Recognition of Objects and Their Defects”.

His supervisor is Dr. László Czúni.

amr vedes

The result of the presentation is summa cum laude.

We are expressing our congratulation on his success!

Mac Support Engineer Intern

Internship program!

Regards to the GE Corporate Mac team, we work with the tools and technology that employees at GE use across the globe every day. We would like for you to help us with the ongoing support for the Mac@GE users community.

Your work in this role could be focused for assisting customers with technical issues or questions relating to Mac hardware or software devices. This includes working on service tickets, chatting with customers via messaging platforms.

Students working with us will be expected to act like a consultant to help us improve our processes and technology. Depending on the skills of the student we would also have an opportunity to evaluate the architecture and design of our tools and we are constantly looking for ways to improve with existing or new technology.

phd report The PhD report session of the Doctoral School of Information Science took place on 29th July, 2022. 11 PhD students presented his/her scientific results. Some of the topics: S-graph framework, multi-product pipeline networks, calculation of solar irradiation, security of information systems, reinforcement learning, EEG and its GPU parallel implementation.

Amr Mohamed Abdelhameed Nagy Abdo’s departmental discussion took place on 16th June 2022. The title of his thesis is „Recognition of Objects and Their Defects”. His supervisor is Dr. László Czúni.




Amr presented his research work successfully.

We are expressing our congratulation on his success!

Some of our students participated in a scientific trip in Vienna within the János Neumann Talent Program between 2nd and 3rd June.  The students visited the Austrian Institute of Technology, where the projects and the research fields of the Vision, Automation & Control Research Centre were presented. The next program was to visit the Technical Museum’s Artificial Intelligence temporary exhibition.


vienna trip2

The program was carried out by a project supported by the Ministry of Human Resources

Several researchers from the University of Pannonia have received prestigious recognition.
Since 2014, has been building a credible ranking of top researchers in a particular research field. The current results are also based on the already used methodology - taking into account the h-index of the discipline, the proportion of contributions within the given discipline and the number of awards and honors.
The Faculty of Information Technology provided outstanding scientific achievements in the field of informatics and mathematics.
One of our researcher, Dr. Zsolt Tuza ranks 4th in the national ranking in the field of informatics:
If we consider the field of mathematics, then Zsolt Tuza is 6th in the national ranking:
In terms of the Hungarian institutional ranking, the University of Pannonia ranks 3rd in the field of informatics.
In the field of mathematics, our university also ranks 3rd on the podium.

zeyuOne of our Stipendium Hungaricum PhD students, Zeyu Wang delivered a lecture to primary school students about his experiences about the daily life and about the educational system in China in Irinyi János Primary School, in Balatonfűzfő on 18th May 2022. The students were very enthusiastic and Zeyu will return back next week to the school.

The 2022 spring KTDK (Scientific Student Conference of the Faculty) was held on 4 May at the Faculty of Information Technology. Students have introduced the results of their scientific work in 14 presentations, in topics such as analysing pairwise comparative methods for comparing European Football Leagues, quality assurance of solar panels, optical measurement applications in robotics, AI-based real time seating allocation, analysing and preventing ransomware or website defacement attacks, supporting children with diabetes or difficulties with fine motor skills.

The received awards can be found at the TDK website (

Sincere congratulations for the students as well as for  their supervisors!TDK kep

Dr. Lajos Tímár (retired lecturer at Department of Mathematics) was awarded Pro Urbe Award by the Veszprém Awarding Board on 11st March.

  We are expressing our warm congratulations!timar pro urbe

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