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In 1969 Veszprém witnessed the birth of the University Days, organised by students and supported by professors. The University Days of Veszprém (VEN) became a model for the other universities in Hungary. The 25th VEN was organized in 2013, which shows it is now an organic part of the university life. At the beginning, there were only a few hundreds of people visiting VEN but currently there are about 20,000 visitors at the programmes. They are usually not just students of the University of Pannonia. There are even locals from Veszprém and a lot of students from other universities. In the last 40 years, there have been a lot of changes in the structure and the traditions of VEN. VEN was organized in every other year, but from 2009 every year is going to be VEN–year.


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It takes place at the upper campus of the university. The students are divided into 5 groups based on their faculties. Every team has got a candidate for the title of student president. They need to find out a theme for the group, get a team-pub designed, make a video, a song and try to make the visitors vote for them. During the week there are movie nights, inverse university classes, concerts and parties. At the end of the week the student president is elected for the next year.


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Balaton Regatta rowing competition
The rowing competition, the Balaton Regatta was first organised in Balatonalmádi on the 15th of October, 1999. The Georgikon Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Keszthely has been integrated into the former University of Veszprém, and the management of the two campuses has decided to organize an event which strengthens the cooperation between the professors and students of Veszprém and Keszthely. The main point of the successful event is when male and female, junior and senior crews are fighting on the waves of Lake Balaton in a 10 oared rowing boat (10+1 person) over a 2,000 meters course. Several hundred fans cheer for the teams from the shores, where colourful cultural and musical programmes ensure a fine atmosphere. The Regatta is organised in turns at the water sport facilities of the Keszthely and the Veszprém campuses. The Balaton Regatta has developed into a nationally famous event in Hungary. It attracts the citizens of the university, leaders of public life, outstanding sportsmen and Olympic competitors to take part.


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For the university student’s free-time sport, college competitive sport and its constant development are top priorities. Unique among Hungarian colleges, the institution offers nearly 60 sport types to students. Most of them are free of charge or available at a reasonable price. They can use gyms, pools, tennis courts, athletic field, training, gymnastics and fencing rooms. They can even choose aikido, taek-won-do, floor ball, cycling or wall climbing. Beyond individual and team institutional competitions, the students take part in national and international contests. Several teams have reached excellent results in the Premier League and also at Olympic Games.

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The handball team of Veszprém, the MKB-MVM KC is world famous and sport has got huge traditions at the University of Pannonia as well. The university students are very successful in athletic sports, basketball, football, swimming and volleyball.

University Sport Days (Ötkarikás játékok)
The University Sport Days have been organized in every autumn since 2004. Last time there were more than 700 participants at the competitions where the organizers were searching for the sportiest student and the most active department and faculty. The students play lots of types of sport like football, basketball, volleyball, wallclimbing, floor ball, table tennis, athletics, badminton, swimming, power lifting, fencing, tennis, darts, billiard, poker, chess, etc. A lot of students attend these events and cheer for their favourite team/person and in the evenings they can celebrate together in the parties or events organised in the city. 

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