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At the University of Pannonia, Hungary we have a more than three decades history of teaching computer science and related areas.

We believe that due to the continuous and rapid developments in computer science and engineering experts must have a wide range of knowledge, need to understand the interactions between different fields, and beside to have the ability of fast learning, also need deep understanding the underlying theories.  

From 3 to 13 July 2023 we organize a 10 days intensive summer course with three main interacting areas:

Mobile robotics
Computer vision and image processing
GPU programming and brain imaging
Beside giving the theoretic backgrounds for BSc level students, small teams are going to work on practical problems of one of the above fields.

It is a great possibility to improve your engineering knowledge, and also to get know Hungarian and international culture through the summer programs of the European Capital of Culture 2023.

For more information contact Attila Magyar.