Krisztián Bakon complex exam

talarsapkaThe Doctoral School of Information Science and Technology will hold a complex exam on Jan 12, 2023 at 1 p.m. in Room 726 of the University Building I.
Krisztián Bakon, PhD student, fulfilled his obligation to take the complex exam, so at his request, the Council of the Doctoral School authorized him to take the complex exam.


The complex exam committee:

              Dr. György Dósa, DSc, professor, PE-MIK

Dr.  Gábor Szederkényi, DSc, professor, PPKE, the examiner of "Optimization of large-scale systems and processes" main subject

Dr.  István Heckl, PhD, associate professor, PE-MIK, the examiner of "Theory of Computation II." subject

Dr. Botond Bertók, PhD, associate professor, PE-MIK

Dr. Máté Hegyháti, PhD, associate professor, SoE

The publicity of the complex exam will be ensured by both personal and online availability. Who are interested in the online way, they will receive an access link after filling in and submitting a questionnaire. The questionnaire is available at the following link:


 The complex exam is public, all those interested are invited!


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