Introduction of the Doctoral School

The training and research programme of the Doctoral School of Information Science and Technology is open to a wide field of information science and of its technical applications. Its topics flexibly cover the constantly changing training and research demands. The research in its scientific workshops is of international level. The research is controlled by internationally recognized and highly appreciated professors.

  • Image recognition, presentation and processing (Gy. Simon, L. Czúni): new efficient methods in image retrieval, in object recognition in video analysis.
  • Information systems in medical diagnosis (Gy. Kozmann, I. Kósa, Z. Nagy, I. Vassányi): diagnostics and modelling studies of brain and cardiovascular systems, analysis and synthesis of food input regarding many components, development of intelligent informatics systems containing remote diagnostics and therapical units.
  • System and control theory (M. Gerzson, K.M. Hangos, A. Magyar): intelligent diagnosis of complex systems, state and parameter estimation of nonlinear stochastic systems, optimal integration of renewable energy sources into the electrical grid.
  • Optimization of large-scale industrial systems and processes (B. Bertók, I. Heckl, I. Maros): developing methods and software for the analysis of complex processes and systems, for their design, optimization and decision support.
  • Deterministic and stochastic dinamical system models (I. Győri, F. Hartung, M. Pituk): developing new theoretical and numerical methods motivated primarily by mathematical models describing biological processes and neural networks, their applications to practical problems.
  • Applications of combinatorics in information technology (K. Bezdek, Gy. Dósa, Zs. Tuza): structural and extremal study of discrete mathematical models, mainly graphs and hipergraphs, study of the algorithmic complexity of combinatorial problems, study of approximability of discrete optimization, study of the competitive ratio of on-line scheduling.

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